June 8th, 2009


Money Well Stapling Machine

I suspected at the time that I was creating this tag more or less entirely for [info] - personalbrooksmoses. It's good to be right.

[info] - personalstrange_aeons says, "I rule."
[info] - personalbrooksmoses says, "Not that non-sequitors are odd here, but why are you commenting that you produce straight even lines?"
[info] - personalstrange_aeons says, "Brooks. Punning is a sin."
[info] - personalstrange_aeons says, "Also, I'll choke you."
[info] - personalbrooksmoses says, "Oh, dear."
[info] - personalbrooksmoses says, "You do know I'm not into that, yes?"
[info] - personalstrange_aeons says, "That's why it's a threat and not a reassurance."
[info] - personalbrooksmoses says, "Right. I was afraid of that."
[info] - personalstrange_aeons says, "Note to self: get into situation in which it is appropriate to say in soothing tones, 'Relax, I'll choke you'. Award self points."
[info] - personalbrooksmoses says, "I'm also not into chocolate cake. A delicious chocolate cake delivered to my door would terrify and distress me greatly, and I would be very upset about it. --Hah!"
[info] - personalstrange_aeons says, "I don't really bake, so we're going to have to go with asphyxia, which I am quite good at."
[info] - personalbrooksmoses says, "Darn."
[info] - personalbrooksmoses says, "Also, now I want cake. Double darn."
[info] - personalstrange_aeons says, "You see where punning gets you."